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Like a fool left the river..

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God damn you Diabetes

After spending all day at the hospital talking and just hanging out with my favorite man ever, my uncle. He has made me come to the realization that some things just arent worth it. Everything from alcohol, drugs (though I already knew that one, Duh!), relationships.. even food. If its going to affect your state of being,  health or mind wise, then why partake? Because you think you love it, or want it? No. If you cant make it feel right, then its not. He and I both at this point of our lives must be strong enough to stand on our own and do what is best for us. Letting some of the best things in life go. He gave me more hope in a matter of hours then ive been able to give myself in a long time. 

I cannot believe I was that close to  losing a man so dear to me and not once but twice within the last 6 months. I couldnt imagine life without the only adult man I was always able to turn to. He has taught me so much, whether it be literally teaching me or having to learn through watching him make his own mistakes. Health problems.. how I curse them! It runs in our blood, but were Ruiz’s for crying out loud! Well make it through just fine. <3